Open Mic

Our Open Mic is a great night when all are made to feel welcome. We provide a stage, lights , PA and mixing desk. We also have our helpful hosts to introduce you and make sure you are plugged in right.

Past hosts have included Ben Kritikos (Herons), Nick Buckle (Thee Ones), Johnny Barlow (Amsterdamn), Jack Page (Hot Feet), Emily Wood,  Miles, Freddie  (Cuckoo Row), Hamish, Big Al ( The Rabbit Hole), Ben Parker (Ben & Ru), Floss (Alcatraz Swim Team) and Pablo Cook (producer extraordinaire, Madonna, Moby), and they all have one thing in common. Music. All are welcome and it is when someone performs for the first time and feels safe and loves it that we know we have done our job.

Check the  What’s On page for the next date.

Original tracks are encouraged, the odd cover is welcome but no backing tracks!

No Pink Floyd, No Crowded House, No Beatles. Or Phil Collins….

Please check our calendar for the next Open Mic date!

open mic