Food at The Prince Albert is a little different from your other your local pubs. We have a  variety of creative food vendors dishing up delicious food. 

Our Pop Up Kitchen serves ,  most Friday’s and Saturday’s from the courtyard. Read below about some of our regular pop-ups and head to our Events Page to see what’s available and when.

We are a family run business who started our pizza company in our back garden, we originally hand built a clay oven which progressed to two offering our village homemade local pizza. We are now at the Prince Albert every Saturday evening from 5pm.  Our ethos is scratch cooking, homemade wonderfulness, ingredients sourced as local as possible to give the best taste! No one is left out at Cappinnis we believe all should enjoy our pizza so we also offer vegan and gluten free options

Jamaica Inn Kitchen

Jamaica Inn Kitchen is a pop up Caribbean food stall that was created by Derrick McLean who quite simply loves cooking delicious food and had a dream to share that passion. Derrick’s menu will vary but he always has veggie and vegan options.  Check out their website to see more. 


Born out of a shared love of Sri Lankan cuisine, Sri-Licious is the creation of close friends Mary and Callie. Specialist street food dishes, prepared lovingly from scratch; we’re talking kottu roti, egg hoppers, delicious short eats, adventurous sambols and a few extra special dishes too! More on their website here. 



Based in the Heart of the Cotswolds, their passion is food, Japanese food in particular! Tonbo always uses fresh produce, local where possible, to create top quality dishes. Expect miso soup, tempura and Tuna Pokebow’s. See more here of their delicious food on Instagram. 

The Hogless Roast

We’ve taken the best plant protein, infused it with smoky BBQ flavours, lathered it in apple sauce, topped it with stuffing and packed it into a toasted rustic roll. Then we’ve thrown in some naughty salted cracklin’ for good measure.

More than just tasty, The Hogless Roast is full of protein and fibre, gluten-free and most importantly, keeps pigs off plates. They love us!
It’s your traditional hog roast roll, reimagined for a new generation.