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October 5

“Čao Laru is a dialogue between seven voices, sometimes a dancer, and a string of instruments from here and elsewhere: violin, cavaquinho, cello, pandeiro, guitar, accordion, saxophone, double bass, percussion, .. .
In our repertoire, polyphonic songs and rhythms of the worlds we are going through, at the crossroads between the Balkans, Brazil, and France.
Compositions fed by our travels, and arrangements of traditional pieces from the countries we travel through, a festive and colorful repertoire interacting with the public.
Čao Laru is also a travel project.
From alleys to paved squares, from colorful markets to crowded trocks, from seaside resorts to remote villages, we meet those who will cross paths to share a little of our lives thanks to this wonderful link that knows no bounds. borders, music.
In South America, we travel with us, our instruments, our sound system and our suitcases, in a nice white jumpsuit that misses flying with every gust of wind.
When we are in Europe, we live in a big, old but sturdy motorhome where you can sleep and eat.
For two years, we have been working on this project to make it live. We gave more than 300 concerts in France, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, Chile.
In cultural centers, theaters, retirement homes, festivals, coffee-concerts, homestays, on the street, during workshops.”


October 5