We provide a professional PA & and we can provide a Sound Engineer for your gig. Our equipment includes:

16 channel Allen and Heath QU16  Desk plus stage Boxes

DI’s x 6

Stereo DI x1

Speakon x 3

1x d&b C690 center speaker (12″ LF, 1.2″ HF compression driver)

2x d&b Ci80 side fills ( 8″ coaxial)

2x d&b MAX monitors (15″ coaxial)

5x d&b E-PAC D amplifiers (single channel 600w peak)

AKG D112 x 1 – kick drum mic

Shure beta 58 x 1

Shure SM 57 x 1

Shure SM 58 x 6

Audix OM x 1

Full set of Drum MICS on request